The Bachelorette India 2013- Mere Kahayalon Ki Mallika, is a new show, which has been started on Life OK channel. The show is a reality show in which Mallika Sherawat (Bollywood Actress) is searching for her love.

It will be very interesting that Mallika is going to marry someone who is chosen from public. The queen of Hiss is too conservative on screens, which I really found good as Mallika’s image has not been projected good on-screens by the media. However, I think, this show will help the public of India to know her exactly. Moreover, she can express her inner self through the medium of this show.

I think the show is going to be a fun as Mallika and 30 participants are quite attached to each other. What do you say?


The thing which the whole people (even you) will be thinking that is this show alike Swayamvar show in which none from Rakhi Sawant and Ratan Rajput married the winners of their respective seasons. But in my thoughts, Mallika is in a search for her true love and will really marry the winner of the show.

The show is quite entertaining and has started from 7 October, 2013. You can watch the show for entertainment and fun. There are lot of amazing characters in the show (who are worth seeing).

Now, I would like to ask that who will win the bachelorette India 2013 ? Here I am telling you about my thoughts of the top 3 contenders (among one of them can be the winner of the show and so called furture husband of Mallika).

Abhishek Sethi

Abhishek Sethi - The Bachelorette India 2013

Abhishek Sethi is an IT Professional from Noida. He is a decent and original personality. In the show, Mallika was asked to give three roses to three persons (whom she finds the best in the first meeting). Abhishek Sethi was the first among them. Mallika was really impressed by his original personality.

Vijay Singh

Vijay Singh - The Bachelorette India 2013

Vijay Singh is a model from Dharamshala. He was the second person who got the red rose from Mallika Sherawat. He is good looking and tall handsome hunk. Maybe, Mallika will be impressed due to his looks.

Jagjeet Singh

Jagjeet Singh - The Bachelorette India 2013

In the show, a moment arises when Vinay Zhaamb told Mallika that the rest 29 are fake and expressing their fake love towards her. When Mallika confronted him to others, he became a negative character. Jagjeet Singh, the Dabangg of the show, started reacting and Mallika gave him the third rose for just make him feel relaxed.

According to me the first two rose receivers can win the bachelorette India 2013 show. There are some other options like Akhil Talreja, Amritpal Singh, Karan Saagoo and Manu Punjabi. What do you think guys? Share your favorite candidates, whom you think, can win the Bachelorette India 2013 show- Mere Khayalon ki Mallika.

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