Mahabharat 2013 is the new drama series which is being broadcasted on Star Plus from every Monday to Friday at 8.30 PM. Mahabharat’s TRP has already grown high altitudes.  People like the new Mahabharat 2013 serial.

Mahabharat is also famous for its latest song track. I have shared the Mahabharat full title song lyrics in this article along with the video of the song.

Some of the people watch the Mahabharat 2013 on Star Plus and Mahabharat 1988 on Star Utsav simultaneously. Isn’t it interesting to see the transformed looks of characters from bellies to six packs.

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Mahabharat 2013 Title Song Full lyrics

Mahabharat 2013 Title Song has been composed by a team of professionals. Ajay and Atul have given the music of the Mahabharat 2013 title song with the powerful music composed with the use of Indian instruments like dhol, tashe and bansuri (flute).

Mahendra Singh has written the Mahabharat 2013 title song lyrics. So, let us now have a look on the powerful Mahabharat 2013 song lyrics.

“Hain katha sangram ki

Vishwa ke kalyaan ki

Dharm adharm aadi anant

Satya asatya kalesh kalnak

Sawarth ki katha parmartha ki


Shakti hain bhakti hain

Janmo ki mukti hain

Jeevan ka ye sampurn saar hain

Krishana ki mahima hain

Geeta ki garima hain

Grantho ka granth ye mahan hain

Mahabharat mahabharat..”

The lyrics of Mahabharat 2013 really express the story’s intensity of the epic war taken pace between Kauravas and Pandavas on the land of Kuruskshetra.

Mahabharat 2013 title track Video

So, with the enthusiastic Mahabharat 2013 title track lyrics, the show makers have also launched the lovely Mahabharat 2013 title track video, which I have shared in this post below.

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