Hatim serial will be the newest drama series based on the fantasy stories of Hatim, Hobo and others. The title of the show is just Hatim. Previously, Hatim was broadcasted by Star Plus in year 2003-2004. That was a big hit.

Hatim serial Life OK channel

Life OK channel is already wooing its viewers with awesome shows. Hatim with a new glimpse and touch of Indian television will be showed on TV soon. Being a fantasy show, a character should suit the role of Hatim as he was very good looking and well-built man.

Hatim Seria Star Cast

Rajbeer Singh as Hatim

Rajbeer Singh as Hatim in Life OK channel

It is confirmed that the lead role of Hatim serial will be done by Rajbeer Singh. Rajbeer Singh is a model turned actor who has very tough built and smart looks. He was approached by the show makers to work in the Hatim serial and he could not deny their proposal.

Since, Life OK channel has only revealed a 11 seconds promo of the Hatim serial, the rest of the star cats of the show is undetermined. We will update this post with the rest of Hatim serial star cast as soon as Life OK channel declares it.

Hatim Life OK channel Story

Since, the direction of the Hatim serial on Life OK is not reliable. There will be some tweaks in the story as every director and producer does. Let me tell you about the general story of Hatim. Hatim is said to be the son of the Yemen’s emperor and was said to spread the peace and goodness in the world. Same time, Jaffar’s emperor had a son which was said to be the greatest evil servant.

So, Jaffar’s king asked his servant to burn the heart of his son to protect the world and his kingdom. His servant Najumi (also an evil servant) saved king’s son life, named him as Dajjal and grew him up with all the evil arts. The king was shown the burnt heart of a rabbit. When Dajjal gained the age of 20 years, he killed his parents to get the kingdom.

Najumi asked him to become the supreme power in the world, he has to marry Sunena (princess of Durgapur) and that too with her own will. So, he goes to Sunena’s place and asks her to marry him. Sunena refuses and her brother brings out the swrod to fight with dajjal and cuts his head. Dajjal being an evil power retains his head and turns Sunena’s brother in a stone.

So, Sunena’s lover came to Hatim for help when Hatim was ready to marry Jasmin (a fairy of paristan). So, he was sent to find the answer of seven questions to kill Dajjal with Hobo (a fat man of paristan) by the emperor of Paristan. And that whole journey will be shown in the Hatim Serial on Life OK channel.

Hatim Serial promo video on Life OK channel

Since, Life OK channel has released a promo video of Hatim video, we are sharing it with you. You will notice that the video is quite short but Hatim (played by Rajbeer Singh) is a very tough guy who is resting with his sword.

Hatim serial promo video is as below:

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