Boogie Woogie is the oldest and the longest running dance reality shows of India. Started in year 1995, Boogie Woogie had got much popularity due to its amazing comic moves and entertainment provided by the judges and smart little kids. The kids are targeted in this show as the participants.

Boogie Woogie will be re-launched the second time on the small screen in India soon. It was re-launched first in year 2003. The children in the age group of 6 to 14 years are eligible for the Boogie Woogie 2013 entry. Sony Entertainment Television will broadcast the show publicly.

The auditions will begin in Bhopal and Ranchi from October 7 and 8. We have already provided the Boogie Woogie 2013 audition dates and schedule.


In this post, I have given the details of the star cast, hosts and judges of the show. Since, the Boogie Woogie dance series show has been taken care of by a little member ed team, the star cast, hosts and judges are the same. Let us see further details in this post.

Boogie Woogie 2013 Star Cast, Hosts and Members

Ravi Behl

Ravi Behl

  • Ravi Behl is producer and creator of Boogie Woogie 2013 Star Cast
  • Ravi Behl is also one among the Boogie Woogie 2013 Judges

Ravi Behl had started his entertainment career as an actor with his debut movie namely Narsimha opposite to Urmila Matondkar as the actress of the movie. Afterwards he had done roles in movies like Agnisakshi and Boyfriend.

He turned out to move in the other profession of entertainment- director or producer and chose the Boogie Woogie dance show to attract the audience. He then became the host of the show too.

Javed Jaffrey

Javed Jaffrey

  • Javed Jaffrey is co-founder of Boogie Woogie show
  • Javed Jaffrey is also the one among the three Boogie Woogie 2013 Judges

Javed Jaffrey is a very well-known actor, VJ, dancer, comedian, film maker and voice dubber of India. He has already shown his skills in his 28 years entertainment career. He had made his debut as a villain and dancer in movie Meri Jung (year 1985).

He later co-founded the Boogie Woogie show in India along with his brother Naved Jaffrey and Ravi Behl. He is the permanent and the main judge of this show.

Naved Jaffrey

Naved Jaffrey

  • Naved Jaffrey is co-founder of Boogie Woogie show
  • Naved Jaffrey is also the one among the three Boogie Woogie 2013 Judges
  • He is also the director and producer of this show.

Naved Jaffrey is the son of the legendary actor and comedian Jagdeep. He is the brother of the talented Jaaved Jaffrey.

He has directed and produced the Boogie Woogie dance series show with actor Ravi Behl. He is bald and often due to no hair on his head, jokes are being cracked to created humor in the Boogie Woogie show.

So, this is the necessary information of the Boogie Woogie 2013 judges and star cast.

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