So, the Bachelorette India Winner 2013 has been announced by the show makers on the television when Mallika gave the final red rose to Vijay Singh. The final contestants of the Bachelorette India 2013 show were Karan Sagoo and Vijay Singh- both models.

The Bachelorette India Winner 2013 seems to be scripted as in whole show, Mallika was projected as to like Karan Sagoo more. However, it was surprising to see that Mallika chose the Dharamshala based model – Vijay Singh as her companion.

The Bachelorette India 2013 Show Contestants List


The Bachelorette India Winner 2013 – Mere Khalayon Ki Mallika

Bachelorette India winner 2013 was announced and was aired on life OK channel which broadcasted every episode of this show. The winner of The Bachelorette Show 2013 was equally surprised after being chosen by Mallika. Overwhelmed with happiness and surprise, Vijay told that he had never expected that the most desirable woman of India would be his companion someday.

Mallika Sherawat successfully chose Vijay Singh as her companion but she had earlier cleared with the show makers that she is just going to choose her companion for future and never had promised to marry the Bachelorette India winner 2013.

Karan Sagoo, who has resemblance with the TV star Mohit Raina, was dumped by Mallika Sherawat. Now it would be interesting to see that how Mallika leads her life with her so called companion Vijay Singh- the Winner of Bachelorette Show India 2013. Will Mallika actually marry Vijay Singh?

So, guys, what do you say about the newly formed couple? Share your views about the selection of the Bachelorette India winner 2013 in the comments section below.