The Bachelorette India 2013 show is a new series of Indian television dating show which will start on Life OK channel from 7 October, 2013. Bachelorette show is much anticipated in India as Mallika Sherawat, a Bollywood actress is the bachelorette in the show.

The Bachelorette India 2013 Show Contestants

Yes! Mallika Sherawat will be judging the best bachelor among the 30 contestants of Bachelorette India 2013 show. So, the list of the 30 contestants has been revealed by the official makers of the show, which is the major concern of this show.

Registrations of ‘The Bachelorette India 2013 – Mere Khayalon ki Mallika’ show had started from April 2013, which had ended on 31 May, 2013. Mallika received 1,27,000 applications of persons of different age group. However, 30 men out of such an epic crowd have made to be in the final contestants list of the bachelorette Show 2013.

Here is the list of the bachelorette India 2013 contestants.

The Bachelorette India 2013 Contestants List

Participant No. 1 – Abhijeet Sethi

Abhishek Sethi - The Bachelorette India 2013 contestant

Abhijeet Sethi is the first contestant of the bachelorette India 2013. He is an IT professional who lives in Delhi and works in Noida. He has passion towards bikes and plays basketball. He is a genuine kind of person who thinks that he has similar qualities as of Mallika.

Participant No. 2- Vijay Singh

Vijay Singh - The Bachelorette India 2013 participant

Vijay Singh is a model who lives in Mumbai. He is basically from Himachal and brought knot band for Mallika. Mallika complimented him for her looks and costume. He is a decent and tall guy.

Participant No. 3 – Karan Sagoo

Karan Sagoo

30 years old Karan Sagoo is another NRI in the contestants list. He is from London and has come to take Mallika Sherawat being a groom after winning over the other 29. He is a very charming personality who is very sensible.

Participant No. 4 – Parmeet Vaahi

Parmeet Singh Vahi

Pameet Vaahi is from Delhi. He wore a cap and light brown coat and trouser. He is quite a decent personality. He brings two dresses for Mallika as a gift. She liked his gifts and appreciated him.

Participant No. 5 – Captain Aditya Vijay Bothura

Captain Aditya Vijay Bothura

He is a Pilot from Bikaner who handles planes of a commercial company. ‘On screen ya off screen sab dete hain apke daad, meri ek icha hai aap dede mere sath’ was his impressing and gentle lines for Mallika in context of her praise. He thinks that Mallika loves gentleman and he will be the right choice for her. Mallika also asked him to take her in the cockpit.

Participant No.6 – Athar Siddiqui

Ather Siddiqui

Athar Siddiqui, the actor from Mumbai was another contestant who had worn white colored achkan. He was not impressive at all and used the Hindi movies trick of tell me once (if you like me) and I will pick you in front of these 30 contestants.

Participant No. 7 – Arun Upadhyay

Arun Upadhyay

Arun Upadhyay is a model. He brought a pendant, an alarm clock and jokes split on both sides, when his alarm clock did not play the song (which he claimed that was for Mallika). Mallika found her impressive and an honest character.

Participant No. 8 – Bikramjeet Randhava

Bikramjeet Singh Randhava

Bikramjeet Randhava is a dentist from Jalandhar. He told that his maternal uncle had given break to Mallika in ‘Lak tunu tunu video’, the first video of actress in her struggling days. He is a very soft spoken person. He had encarved Mallika’s name on his right arm. His this act led him to the first rejection of the show.

Participant No. 9 – Krishna Chadha

Krishna ChadhaKrishna chadha is another contestant of the bachelorette show 2013 in which he will be impressing Mallika Sherawat to marry her. He is a business man from Udaipur, Rajasthan. He is just 28 in age. Udaipur loves dancing and playing snookers. He runs a family business. He had a grand entry and was riding a camel representing his culture.

Participant No. 10 – Amritpal Singh Bhullar

amritpal singh bhullar - the bachlerotte india 2013

Amritpal Singh bhullar had a decent entry. He is from Amristar.

Participant No. 11 – Kabir Rajpoot

kabir Rajpoot

Kabir Rajpoot is a model from Haryana, and thinks that being same state person, Mallika Sherawat would impress from him. He is a good built model. He is from the same clan of Mallika (the Rajpoots).

Participant No. 12 – Arjun Mutneja

Arjun Mutneja

Arjun Mutneja is an actor from Delhi.

Participant No. 13 – Ashim Vaid


Aashim Vaid is a 31 year old man from Jammu, who claims to be very unromantic. He is of the same age group of Mallika Sherawat and can be a strong contender as Bollywood girls want a romantic lad as their life partners. However, he is quite over-confident and calls himself as a Shehzadda.

Participant No. 14 – Manu Punjabi

manu punjabi

Manu Punjabi is from Rajasthan, Jaipur. He brought a lamb for Mallika (Moni). Mallika was very much impressed with his pretty cute gift.

Participant No. 15 – Jagjeet Singh

Jagjeet Singh

Jagjeet Singh is a Punjabi who has come from Vancouver, Canada to steal the heart of Mallika Sherawat. Jagjeet Singh is a body builder, fitness model and trainer. He has chosen the same as his profession. He became the Shah Rukh Khan of Om Shanti Om, with the convincing lines ‘Kitni Shiddat Se Mai tumhe…….

Participant No. 16 – DJ Akhil Talreja

DJ Akhil Talreja

Akhil Talreja is 29 years old and is the DJ from Mumbai city, the city of entertainment and economy. DJ Akhil Talreja must have played many song tracks of Mallika Sherawat in the discos and bars and now is here to impress her with his abilities.

Participant No. 17 – Konstantin Kosta

He is a foreigner who is residing in Mumbai for his career in modeling. He is basically from Ukraine and is living in Mumbai since 2 and half years. He knows very little Hindi.

Participant No. 18 – Udit Oria

Udit Ohri  - The Bachelorette India 2013

Udit Oria is a Delhi based person who is just 25 years old and wants to marry Mallika. His mother was Malikka’s school teacher. He has come to the show for just love. Udit Ohri is a young financial analyst. He is a double MBA credit and has a good personality.

Participant No. 19 – Sanjay Harry Kapoor

Sanjay Harry Kapoor

Sanjay Harry Kapoor is from Delhi.

Participant No. 20 – Sanjay Mirani

Sanjay Mirani is from Mumbai and a reserved creature. His age is around 38 and he runs a restaurant in Mumbai.

Participant No. 21 – RJ Rohit Sachdeva

RJ Rohit

Radio Jockey Rohit is also a good option for Mallika Sherawat as he has a quite entertaining profession. He is from Chandigarh. Let us see if he could impress Mallika.

Participant No. 22 – Harman Singh Mekin

Harman Singh Mekin, runs a boutique in Chandigarh and has his own business.

Participant No. 23 – Romit Baweja

Romit Baweja  is from Bengaluru.

Participant No. 24 – Jashan Singh Kohli


Jashan Singh Kohli is a young lad from Chandigarh who has become a lawyer recently and despite of starting his advocate career, he has come to win the heart of Mallika Sherawat. He is just 25 years old. A young and dashing sardar feels quite confident. He is the funniest character in the show and Mallika found him very impressive.

Participant No. 25 – Vinay Zhaamb

Vinay Zhammb Fazilka

Vinay Zhaamb is technical supervisor in Fazilka, Punjab. He is the most irritating guy in the show. He directly told her that he has brought the gift of his ex-girlfriend.

Participant No. 26 – Vibhaash Biswas


He has a 13 years son. And Mallika found her very nice person. He is a Los Angeles citizen, who is in search of true love like everybody else. Let us see how Bivas takes up with Mallika Sherawat. Also it will be interest to see whether his search of true love will end or not.

Participant No. 27 – Prof. Sudarshan Batra

Prof Sudarshan batra

Sudarshan Batra is the oldest contestant of the show who seems to be 63 in age (almost double the age of Mallika). He is a professor of Management in Arora PG College Raman Thapur, Hyderabad. Sudharshan Batra has come to be the choice of Mallika Sherawat over the other 29 young lads. Hua Chokra Jawaan Re was his theme song on his entry.

Participant No. 28 – Prashant Bhuteria

Prashant Bhuteria is a business man from kolkata, who has particpated in the show with his best friend- Ranjan.

Participant No. 29 – Ranjan Sehgal

Ranjan Sehgal is from Mumbai and is the best friend of Prashant.

Participant No. 30 – Saurav Sidheshwari

Saurav Sidheshwari is a poet and a writer who writes songs in 5 languages. He plays guitar very well and has a sweet voice. He thinks that music is an art to express the love and humbleness.

Who according to you will win The Bachelorette India 2013 show ? Who’s dreams will come to realty & Will mallika get her Dream partner ? Lets discuss in the comment section of given below post !

Who will win The Bachelorette India 2013 ?

So, I have shared all the contestants list of the Bachelorette India 2013 show. There would be more entries through wild card in future. Keep watching the show for more details. And comment your views below about your thinking regarding this show. Who’s gonna win the show etc. etc.

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