The Bachelorette India 2013 show is being aired on Life OK channel which has Mallika as the main personality or the Bachelorette of this show, who wants to marry some guy. Rohit Roy is the host of this show.

The first day of The Bachelorette India 2013 – Mere Khayalon ki Mallika, faced ten eliminations. Well that was a very big move as Mallika moved on with 20 candidates from the 30 as almost all of the contestants eliminated on the first day were dis-satisfied as Mallika decided their eliminations in a single meeting.

So, I have shared first day eliminations of 10 contestants in the Bachelorette India 2013. I really think that the show is scripted and quite all the contestants are wooing Mallika by praising her looks and impressing her in any means.


Mallika was given firstly 3 roses, which were to be given by Mallika for the best three of the 30 contestants. After that 17 roses were to be given by Mallika to choose rest of the 17 contestants for forward journey. Rest of the candidates got eliminated.

The Bachelorette India 2013 First Day Eliminations of 10 Contestants

1. BikramJeet Singh Randhava

Bikramjeet Singh - eliminated from The Bacheloretter india 2013

Randhava was eliminated first without reaching to the party of the Bachelorette 2013. Randhava is from Jalandhar and his maternal uncle had provided break to Mallike Sherawat with video ‘Lak Tunu Tunu’. His rejection was done due to his brutal act of carving Mallika’s name on his arm.

2. Amar Kumar Updhyay

Arun Upadhdhyay eliminated from the bachelorette show 2013

Amar Upadhyay, a model did not get through the top 20 contestants. May be he was not that impressive for Mallika.

3. Kabir Rajpoot

kabir-Rajpoot-eliminated from bachelorette india 2013

Kabir Rajpoot, a model, was very much dis-satisfied by Mallika’s act. He was disappointed because he thinks that there were many less deserving persons who were selected in the top 20 contestants for the Bachelorette India Show 2013.

4. Arjun Mutneja

Arjun Mutneja eliminated

Arjun Mutneja, another model, was eliminated on the first episode of this show. It seems like Mallika does not want to select a model as her life partner.

5. Ashim Vaid

Aashim Vaid

Ashim Vaid, 31 years old was eliminated on the first episode. He claimed himself to be called as Shehzada. His over confidence let him to the elimination on very first day.

6. Konstanteen Kosta

Konstanteen Kosta is originally from Ukraine and is living in Mumbai seeking a good career in modeling. He is another model which has been rejected by Mallika. Konstanteen Kosta was a foreigner in the show.

7. Sanjay Harry Kapoor

Sanjay Harry Kapoor

Sanjay Harry Kapoor, a contestant who belongs to Delhi could not impress Mallika Sherawat. He could not make out for his further journey in the show. He was the one from the first days eliminations of the show.

8. Sanjay Mirani

Sanjay Mirani has also been rejected. He is from Mumbai and runs his own restaurant. May be, it was his reserve nature or 38 years age, which led to his rejection. He is bald too and should have been looked unimpressive to Mallika.

9. Harman Singh Mekin

From the 10 first day eliminations, Harman Singh Mekin was the one from the most disappointing candidates. He runs a boutique in Chandigarh.

10. Romit Baweja

Romit Baweja is from Benguluru and is the last in the first day eliminations of 10 candidates from The Bachelorette India 2013 – Mere Khayalon Ki Mallika.

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So, what is your perspective over this show? Were these first day eliminations of 10 contestants genuine or scripted? Please leave your valuable comments below.

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